M L CLARK: Better-Worlds Theory

Join me in the new digital economy! It’s like the last, but a bit more scattered across a wide range of media platforms.

In these newsletters, I’ll be sharing discourse related to my work in speculative lit (including indie publishing through my press, Sí, Hay Futuros Ediciones), along with writings on media literacy, humanist essays, life in Colombia, work in translation, and international analysis as an extension of articles for OnlySky.

As I post episodes in 2023 for Season 2 of Global Humanist Shoptalk (my podcast for “thinking slow” about deep issues), they’ll also show up here.

There’s just so much to say and do. The name of this newsletter is a bit tongue-in-cheek, because “theory” gives the impression of a cohesive, field-tested concept that fully encompasses and explains all the data on hand. But what happens when what we need to do to achieve our “better worlds” seems increasingly uncertain?

Well, we keep aspiring to find that theory of best fit, don’t we?

Thanks for following along with my quest for it, if you do.

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Media literacy, speculative lit, humanist essays


M L Clark

Writer of SF&F stories, humanist essays, and general commentary. Canadian in Colombia. SFWA member, OnlySky columnist, rep'd by Hannah Bowman. https://t.co/axmlkE3KRB